• Rome - The Telegraph Suites
  • 15 Luglio 2018
  • 30 Notte
  • 8 Notte

Suite in Rome

Modern suites in the heart of the eternal city

The marvellous architecture of this extraordinary suite in Rome not only looks pretty from outside but it is also a real masterpiece from inside. Each room in the hotel is a creation of a sophisticated interior design with glossy surfaces, colourful lightning and artistic geometric shapes crafted on the walls.

Even if you are a returning visitor to this rare suite Rome Center, you will be still blown away as we are getting better year after year by executing some innovative hospitality ideas. The irresistible charm of hotel setting conveys unique emotions and soothing feelings to make your holiday extremely relaxing.

For most of the people, a holiday in Rome is like a holiday of lifetime and there is no better place than The Telegraph Suites to experience it. The seasonally-led menu of our hotel is one of the key reasons which tempt people to visit this place again and again.