• Rome - The Telegraph Suites
  • 15 Luglio 2018
  • 30 Notte
  • 8 Notte

The Best Place to Stay in Rome

The right choice for any type of journey to Rome

The widespread province around hotel is also crammed with several archaeological sites making it a best place to stay in Rome. Few minutes of casual walk from hotel will lead you to the vibrant shopping destinations of Rome where visitors indulge in window shopping to avail best deal on their items.

When you search for best location to stay in Rome, opt for a suite like us from where you can safely wander at any point of day or night. No matter in which season you are travelling, don't forget to bring you camera to capture some of the breath-taking landscapes around the hotel.

Each of the historic sites around The Telegraph Suites offers a distinctive views and ambience to keep you animated throughout the day. After a whole day travel, a visit to our hotel restaurant is recommended to revitalize your mood. It is a fabulous place where delightful Italian food meets Mediterranean delicacies.